The work of finding work continues

Work continues on this blog and I should be ready to start publicizing it here shortly thanks to a little help from my wife Debi at Bright Hope Designs. One of the smartest things she ever did (other than marry me! Okay, okay, some say that is debatable!) was to learn how to hand code websites. Most people don’t know that many so-called “website designers” have no idea how to write code. They (the “designers”) use tools like I use to write this blog called WYSIWYG (pronounced wizzywig, short for “what you see is what you get”) that automatically write the hidden code that makes all of this work for them. Nothing wrong with that unless you need something different or some problem pops up! A good designer needs to know how to read and write code.

So far I have worked on learning how to build this site myself, have finished my Facebook profile, my LinkedIn profile, my Plaxo pulse profile and am working on my Monster and FireLink (a company) profiles as well. I have also polished up and reworked the resumes and have had them reviewed by a few people in the various fields I am working toward.

Not everything has been focused on the web though. I have sent out several resumes and will be sending out more and more each week. So far not even a peep yet. This is sure an employers market. They can pick and choose from among the best of the best.

The key to success is going to be to have a plan, put the plan in to action, monitor and revise the plan as needed and to stay positive and motivated (which is really hard to do when listening and watching the news).

Not everything has been 100% job hunting focused. Debi, my son Tyler and I spent sometime rescuing a Great Pyrenees dog up in Tehama county (Northern California). Check out the link on the right side here for the story of Lobo the abandoned Great Pyrenees. Even when times are tough, doing something good really helps the mental attitude.

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