Education and Certifications

A.S. Degree: Administration of Justice. Santa Rosa Junior College; Deans High Honors

CAL FIRE Company Officer Academy

CDF (CAL FIRE) 40 hour Basic Wildland Firefighter

CAL FIRE MMU Firefighter Basic Skills

CAL FIRE Wildland Firefighter Survival Level 1

CAL FIRE Incident Management 1 (NWCG S-200, FSTEP Command 1A/1B)

CAL FIRE Incident Management 2

CAL FIRE Supervision 2 (NWCG S-201/301, FSTEP Fire Management 1)

CFSTES Fire Command 1C (NWCG S-205)

CFSTES Training Instructor 1A

FSTEP Firefighter 1

FSTEP Firefighter 2

FSTEP Driver Operator 1

FSTEP Driver Operator 1A/1B

FSTEP Rescue Systems 1

FSTEP Confined Space Rescue Technician

FSTEP Low Angle Rope Rescue Operational

FSTEP Auto Extrication

FSTEP River & Floodwater Rescue Awareness

FSTEP Basic Pump Operations

Cal EMA HazMat First Responder Operational Decon

Modular Emergency Radiological Response Transportation Training (MERRETT) certification. U.S. Department of Energy, Transportation Emergency Awareness Program

California EMT1D with current CPR card (since 1977)

FEMA-EMI ICS IS-100: Introduction to the Incident Command System

FEMA-EMI ICS IS-200: Incident Command System for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents

NWCG ICS I-220: Basic Incident Command System

NWCG ICS I-300: Intermediate Incident Command System

NWCG ICS I-400: Advanced Incident Command System

FEMA-EMI ICS I-700: Introduction to National Incident Management System (NIMS)

FEMA-EMI ICS I-800b: National Response Framework, an Introduction.

FEMA-EMI ICS I-802: Emergency Support Functions (ESF) #2 Communications

NWCG S130: Firefighter Training

NWCG S131: Advanced Firefighter Training (Wildland Firefighter type 1)

NWCG L-180: Human Factors on the Fire Line

NWCG S-200: Incident Commander Type 4

NWCG S-212: Wildland Fire Chain Saw

NWCG S-215: Fire Operations in the Wildland/Urban Interface (refresher in 2011)

NWCG S-231: Engine Boss

NWCG S-232: Dozer Boss

NWCG S-330: Strike Team/Task Force Leader

NWCG S190: Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior

NWCG S290: Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior

NWCG S290: Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior

NWCG S390: Advanced Wildland Fire Behavior

Red-Carded: ICT4, ENGB, ENOP, FF1, FF2, FEMT, FALA (FALB not current)

2006 California State Firefighters Association Medal of Valor

2006 El Dorado County EMSA “EMS Week Special Recognition Award”


CAL EMA = California Emergency Management Agency (formerly The Governors office of Emergency services or OES)

CAL FIRE = A California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection issued certification that may or may not correspond with recognized state or national certifications. Course numbers/names in Italics are NWCG and CFSTES/FSTEP recognized equivalents. note: CAL FIRE MMU refers to a certificate issued specifically by the  Madera-Mariposa-Merced unit to limit the size of the interview pool in 2012.

CFSTES = California Fire Training and Education System. A service of the California Office of the State Fire Marshal that provides for career track certifications such as Fire Instructor or Chief Officer, There are eleven career tracks. Note: I am currently working on 2 career tracks.

FSTEP = Fire Services Training and Education Program. Also a  service of the California Office of the State Fire Marshal that provides for hands on training and certification in specific skill areas.

FEMA-EMI = Federal Emergency Management Agency – Emergency Management Institute.

NWCG = National Wildfire Coordinating Group.  A national group made up of federal and state forestry agencies that provides a formalized system for standards of training, equipment, qualifications, and other operational wildland fire functions. Course requirements are established by the NWCG but the courses are provided, and certifications are issued by, various  federal, state, and local fire agencies as well as private fire training companies.


Copies Of All Certifications Available Upon Request.