About me

Why this site?

So why put up this blog and resume site? What is it supposed to do? Good question if you are not following web trends and what is happening in “Social Media”/”Social Networking”. This is an experiment in using the power of the web to help find a job. Now I know that using the internet to job hunt is nothing new, Monster.com and Careers.com have been around for years. Posting your resume on-line is not new as well; programmers and tech types have been doing it for years. Even this way with a blog and resume is not really an original idea either (although I have not seen one myself, I figure someone has done it!).

What I am trying to do is let people know more about me, who I am, what some of my opinions and ideas are, as well as what I have done and can do. I am trying to expand on the traditional resume a bit so as to help you/prospective employers make a more informed decision about me. It is common practice for those with varied job skills (such as myself) to tailor resumes to fit particular jobs that they are trying for. A downside to that practice may leave out some skill or talent that a particular employer may find useful or pertinent. I am hoping that by having not only tailored resumes but a complete job history that you/prospective employers may find that I am someone that has skills that you/they can use, maybe in ways that you/they have never thought of until now.

Of course there is a downside to this idea and that is possibly TOO much information. This site does allow someone to make a prior judgment about me, my skills and my varied job history without ever having met me. It also opens up the possibility of being discriminated against because I’m “too old” (I’m 55 by the way) as age is not always apparent in a resume. I figure that I have to take that risk to make myself stand out from the pack. Now I tried this the first time during a budget cutback in 2009 and it didn’t work so well. However, I may not have marketed it right and social media has grown so I am giving it another shot.

About me (professionally).

Some of my qualities:

  • Loyal (I like to say that “I ride for the brand”, to put it in the parlance of the old west) to a good employer. I am proud of whom I work for and like to represent you/them to the best of my abilities.
  • A hard worker who believes in putting in a “good days work for a good days pay”.
  • Very punctual and believe that I need to be at my work site ready to work before I am supposed to.
  • Adaptable. While with Cal Fire I was a relief/overtime person and covered shifts at 39 different fire stations, each with its own individual set of rules, customs and expectations, in eleven different Battalions each with it’s own individual set of rules, customs, and expectations, in three different operational divisions both with its own unique equipment, capabilities and mission all with very little difficulty. It was not unusual for me to have worked 7 different stations in 6 different battalions in a 10 day straight stretch with no issues.
  • Problem solver/Trouble-shooter. Am able to look at things with an analytical eye and come up with options.
  • I take responsibility for my performance and my actions. I take pride in what I produce and what I do right and take ownership of and work to correct and learn from what I do wrong.
  • Moderately quick learner and love to learn and try new things.

Some of my faults:
(Hey, might as well put them out there, you need to be able to make an informed decision!)

  • I am a little loud. I constantly work on keeping my voice down.
  • I am outgoing and have a tendency to try and take over if no one is leading or not leading effectively. This can be a quality but it can also come off as domineering or offend those who are actually supposed to be leading.
  • I can unintentionally step on toes. It is a side effect of being outgoing (see #2!). I am conscious of it and try to avoid doing so. When it happens, if I am wrong, I try to make amends and work to not repeat my mistake.

About me (personally).

I am 60 years old,  have two grown sons and live in the country with a wonderful lady who keeps me alive, sane and out of jail (lol). I was born and raised in Sonoma, California and grew up raising Great Pyrenees dogs and working on my Grandparent’s dairy (pretty much a country boy at heart). I have been in emergency services in one form or another almost my entire life, do special event security as a hobby, but I also enjoy teaching and mentoring. I like to cook, enjoy good food and drink and will try new things. I like to hike and am getting back into backpacking. I grew up with, rescue and own Great Pyrenees dogs,  but am now more focused on rare Central Asian LGDs (what I like to call “Silk Road” dogs)).I love to read, enjoy a good debate, am a good public speaker and like to keep informed on current events as well as topics relating to the field I am working in. I am very comfortable with computers and enjoy working with them as well as helping others work with them.