Motorola Your Service is Junk

Motorola are you kidding me? First you loose my data, then tell me “so sorry, must have been something you did” then send me a customer satisfaction survey? Really?

Since I learned today that a recent study has shown a direct correlation between likes and buzz on social media and the stock price of a company, and that the various wonks, sages and “powers that be” of the financial world input that data into their reports and such, I am going to post my rank here and any place else I can find. And if you have had issues with Motorola, are a firefighter who hates what they have done with fire pagers (yes, I know that NOW they are separate but they weren’t and some of the corporate culture is still there) or even are just an Apple fan who hates them also, please comment and share

Dear Motorola, You suck. Plain and simple, you are a high tech failure. In the past you took a good solid durable fire pager product and made it into such a piece of junk that just sending one in for repairs got you a whole new one, and now you have a data backup service that is so unreliable that you ADVISE THAT PEOPLE BACK UP THEIR BACK UP! Are you kidding me? What garbage! After many hours on the phone going up multiple levels of tech support, with every one of you folks completely at a loss as to why what happened happened, (and a week after you were supposed to get back to me ) you make up this piece of crap:

” Unfortunately it appears that something went wrong during your intail registration of This is why the account will no longer work. Unfortunately their is nothing that can be done to fix this on our backend, and the only thing we can suggest is either keeping the account that you are currently using, or that you perform a factory data reset on your device, and create a new Motoblur account using the existing user name if you prefer it.” (Misspellings /punctuation theirs)

If something went wrong with my “intail registration” why did the account function perfectly fine (somewhat, there was lost and merged data a few times) through 2 phones, the first one I set it up on, and the replacement a year later? And why am I not able to change the password on the current account? And on top of that, you tell me, even though your Motoblur system was touted as the way to backup and keep your contacts and accounts safe, you tell me that I should have backed them up with Google as well? Here is a hint for you, YOU ARE GOOGLE!!! Or did you forget that they bought you?

So to sum up, Motorola, you suck, your service is horrible and your products have become junk (why did an 8 m/o phone suddenly try to set itself on fire?).


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  1. Jeff Epperson says:

    Looks like a lot of unneeded stress my friend. Thanks for the post card, God knows I was scrambling for relief drivers this past season. I’ve added you into my contacts list. Thanks again for offering the service.
    Jeff Epperson
    Waterdogg LLC